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Our Indie Creator platform is a service that gives creative minds the freedom and resources to bring their projects to life. With the help of industry professionals and a network of other innovative thinkers, you'll have no limits on what you can do.

Become an Indie Creator today and start creating tomorrow!

Not only will you have access to the studio space for self taped auditions, but you will also be in the “Loop” for auditions, productions etc. In addition to auditions, coaching, casting calls and industry events… you will also have access to a handful of carefully selected head-shot photographers!

Need Headshots? As a Creator, you will receive complimentary head-shots every six months provided by our select list of professional photographers!join Today!

By joining the Indie Creators, you will have access to in house casting services, space for auditions, table reads, shooting space and access to equipment. This service provides filmmakers with the essentials to begin building their projects.

Get the resources you need and let us help you build your team, or coordinate your next project.

Get in the Loop with fellow musicians, be a part of creative writing sessions and record high quality videos that you can share and use for promos!

Collaborate with other musicians, singers, songwriters and network with industry professionals today!

Monthly Access To:

  • Production Resources For Digital Recording
  • Financial & Legal Advisers
  • Casting Services
  • Discounted Equipment Rentals
  • Free Audition Taping
  • In-House Video Recording sessions
  • Space For Table Readings
  • Advance Cast & Crew Call Notice
  • Member Only Workshops & Events
  • Weekly Member Spotlight Opportunity
  • Locate Talent
  • Network With Industry Creatives

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